CARTOON TEES! Super hot! :) EACH  @$8 now!! 3 or more @ $7.50!! Collecting from direct warehouse, waiting days fast :D I'll see about the response. If it's good, i might consider lowering the price somemore ^^ Heh, $8 for a tee hard to find leh! :P How to order? Simply tell me the code and size of your desired tee and you're done! :) Kids Size: 22, 24, 26, 28, 3o

Unisex Size:
30(XS), 32(S), 34(M), 36(Free Size), 38(L), 40(XL), 42(XXL)

Extra charges of $3 would be charge upon Size 40(XL) and 42(XXL). Designs and colours available: 1. Doreamon (Electric Blue) 2. Barney (Purple) 3. Patrick the star (Pink) 4. Spongebob (Yellow) 5. Elmo (Red) 6. Cookie Monster (Electric Blue) 7. Domokun (White, Brown) 8. M & M Chocolate (Yellow, Orange, Pink) 9. Chibimaru (Black, White, Pink)

10. Marilyn's retro face (White)

11. Kuromi (Black)

12. Betty Boop (White)

13. Superman (Blue, Black, White)

14. Batman (Black)

15. Baby Milo (Brown)

16. Ape's head (Black)

17. Heneiken (Black)

18. Jack Daniel (White, Black)

19. Elmo's head (White)

20. Cookie Monster's head (White)

21.Little Miss Fun (Pink, Purple)

22. Mario Mushroom (White, Black)

23. I ♥ Smurf (White)

24. Shin Chan without pants (Pink, Orange)

25. Japanese Wordings (White, Black)

26. Hello Kitty Angel (Pink)

27. Smiling Face (Black, White)

28. Lady Gaga (Black, White) 29. I need not another hero (red, yellow) 30. Starbucks (white) There will be an additional charge of $3 for size XL and above